In an emergency, contact 911 immediately to report a fire, life-threatening injury, illness or serious crime in progress. To report vandalism, theft, excessive noise, or other non-emergency situations, contact the Tacoma Police non-emergency help line at 253-287-4455.

Security is very important to all residents at Pacific Tower.  Do not open an entrance door for anyone you do not know, no matter how innocent they might seem.  If they live here, they will gain entrance on their own.  If they are here on legitimate business, they will gain entry through the person they came to see.  Never leave an entrance door propped open for any reason.

As you come and go via the P1 & P2 garage doors, please take time to press your garage door remote behind you to ensure the gate closed in your view.  This will prevent any unauthorized intrusion and security breach.  For Safety and Security reasons, these garage doors are not for pedestrian traffic.  When on foot, please use the pedestrian doors.

We have automatic door closures, but on very windy days the wind holds the P1 & P2 pedestrian doors to the elevator vestibules open, please take the time to pull these doors shut and locked behind you.

Remember: if you don’t know them, don’t let them in.  Our security is only as good as you make it.  For more detailed information about Security at PTCA including enforcement procedures, please read PTCA Rule Section 2 Security and Access Control.