Parking Rules can be found on the Rules & Regulations page.

For security reasons, the parking assignment chart is not available on the website.  Please consult your copy of the latest amendment to the Declaration for this information.  Please refer to the Rules & Regulations link above to read the complete Parking Rules. The following paragraphs are taken from the complete Parking Rules to answer your questions about Guest Parking: 

Unassigned parking spaces: 

 Unassigned parking spaces are numbered 16 – 41, 43, 44, 58 and 61.  The unassigned spaces are for the exclusive use of residents during the evening and overnight hours: 5 PM – 7 AM daily.  Display of a parking decal is required.  Vehicles without a parking decal may be towed during these hours.  Guests are permitted temporary use of the unassigned parking spaces from 7 AM – 5 PM daily.      

Guest parking:

Guest vehicles may park in spaces marked “Guest” from 7 AM – 11 PM daily.   Guest vehicles parked in any numbered spaces after 5 PM may be towed.  Residents are requested to refrain from parking in guest spaces.

Overnight Guest Parking - 11 PM to 7 AM:

Guest vehicles parked in guest spaces between 11 PM and 7 AM must display a valid Overnight Guest Pass. It is the resident’s responsibility to make guests aware of the Overnight Pass requirement.  Overnight Passes are available in the entrance lobby.   The completed pass must be displayed on the dashboard.  Incomplete, illegible or partially visible passes are INVALID.  Overnight stays beyond seven nights in a 30 day period require written permission from the Board.

During these hours, vehicles without a parking decal or an Overnight Guest Parking Pass may be towed at the risk and expense of the owner, the owner of the unit being visited can be fined, and the vehicle can be ticketed.