Moving In

Moving Day Rules Section 10 New Resident Move In Resident Move Out and Scheduling Requirements Section-16-Delivery-Removal-Request-Fillableare established by PTCA to protect the Common Elements from damage and to ensure building security is maintained during the move.  PTCA charges non-refundable Move-In and Move-Out fees and hires an independent contractor to act as the PTCA Move Monitor.  Fines may be charged to the Unit owner for breach of the Rules.

PTCA Move Monitor:  The Move Monitor’s role is to ensure the security of our building, to protect the Common Elements from damage, and to ensure the safety of all persons.  You can expect friendly, efficient, and professional assistance and information.  For example, the Move Monitor will contact you ahead of your scheduled moving day to schedule a walk-through.  You will accompany the Move Monitor both before and after the move to document any pre-existing or new dings/dents to walls, carpets, etc.  The Move Monitor will give you some important homeowner tips unique to our building such as how to turn off the main water valve in your Unit, the special dryer vent that requires frequent removal of lint, fire alarms, sprinkler system, where to park the moving truck, parking for friends and family who may be present to help with the move, etc.  On moving day the Move Monitor will ensure you have use of the dedicated, padded freight elevator and will instruct you on maintaining building security while unloading the moving vehicle, ensuring safety and security.  The PTCA Move Monitor can help make a busy moving day less stressful and more pleasant for everyone.

Delivery or Removal of Appliances or Contractor Materials:  For details on how to schedule deliveries or removal of furniture, appliances, or contractor materials, please read PTCA Rule Section 16 Use of Property and Unit Owner Responsibilities and schedule the delivery or removal by completing: Section 16 Delivery-Removal Request Fillable

Homeowner Responsibilities:  For complete information on your responsibilities as a Unit owner, and for more information on remodeling your Unit please read PTCA Rule Section 16 Use of Property and Unit Owner Responsibilities.