Welcome to the
Pacific Tower Condominium Association

Welcome to Pacific Tower Condominium's website. Pacific Tower is a 14 story high-rise condominium with 94 units located adjacent to Interstate 5, the Tacoma Dome, University of Washington Tacoma, and various museums and restaurants on Pacific Avenue. The condominium is also within walking distance of downtown Tacoma.  Our Association Management Company is The Management Trust 253-472-0825.   Our monthly meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in our community room, please feel free to attend and participate.


We encourage all unit owners to attend our monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in unit 107.   Our Agenda is posted a week prior to each meeting; if any owner has questions or concerns about any item on the agenda, please feel free to contact any BOD member prior to the monthly meeting.


Months ago we advised residents that the flushing mechanism in all our toilets are reaching the end of their life expectancy.  We asked you to spend approximately $50.00 to replace this mechanism to avoid the toilets from overflowing.  If this mechanism does not function properly the water in your toilet will continue to run and if your bowl is stopped up along with this problem, your unit could be flooded as well as any units below you, and thousands of dollars in damage could occur.  If you have not changed this mechanism, please be smart and do it now.  Unfortunately one home owner failed to replace their flushing mechanism as we recommended and the results were several thousands of dollars of expense for water damage to the building.  For more information feel free to contact any Board member. 

New Residents

If you have just closed on the sale of a Unit or have signed a lease, you are probably anxious to get moved into Pacific Tower.  Welcome!  We want you to enjoy your new home.  You are about to move into a beautiful, secure building alongside several dozen other Unit owners who each have a personal and financial stake in this property.  Thus, moving into your new residence requires more steps and more coordination than simply loading a moving truck and arriving at the front door.  The first step to getting moved in is to visit the TMT Management office to complete the administrative requirements.  TMT will let you know when your documents are complete and the next steps for your move into Pacific Tower.  Your move date needs to be scheduled with a PTCA Board member who will show you how to accomplish your move without compromising building security or incurring fines for damages or other violations.  Please be aware that we need advance notice of five (5) business days to schedule your moveYou should find the document called "New Resident Information" very useful for easing your move. Remember, All moves into or out of the building must be scheduled in advance through TMT Management. The New Resident Information document should be provided to you either by the Management Company along with the resale certificate or by your landlord if you are a lessee or Special Occupant.  

 Replacing Your Appliances

Heat producing appliances in our building, (kitchen range, clothes dryer, furnace and hot water heater) operate on 208 Volts of electricity, not the usual 240 Volts found in single family homes. If you are thinking about buying new appliances, be sure they are 208 volts. Ordinary 240 volt appliances will not work efficiently in Pacific Towers. You may be dissatisfied with their performance. If you are thinking about taking your condo appliances out to some other location, they may not work if the home is wired for 240 volts. A 208 volt appliance may burn out if plugged into a 240 volt outlet. There is also a danger of causing a fire.

Trash Containers

Remember that the trash containers at Pacific Tower are strictly reserved for collection of trash generated at Pacific Tower by residents of Pacific Tower.  Do not deposit trash generated from anywhere outside Pacific Tower property.  We all pay for this service through our annual assessment.  Please be a good neighbor. 

NOTE: New Cardboard Recycle in the P-1 Garage.  Please break down and take all your cardboard here for recycle.

Pet Owners

Association Management Documents require registration (Pet Registration Form) and on a leash at all times when on the property anywhere outside your unit.  Please remember also that the maximum number of pets is 2 per unit and the maximum combined weight of pets is 40 pounds:  This includes visiting pets.  NO PET OVER 40 pounds is allowed in the building.  PTCA will enforce these requirements.  Please cooperate for the betterment of our community. Please do not allow your pet to relieve itself within 25 feet of any entrance or anywhere inside the building including stairwells and garage levels. Remember to always clean up after your pet.  

Leasing Requirements

If you wish to lease out your unit, please remember that you are required by the declaration to get in touch with the Management company and provide a lease before any resident can move in. There is a cap on number of rentals allowed.  Call The Management Trust for information and forms.  Did you know that the City of Tacoma requires you to have an annual business license and pay the annual license fee if you rent or lease your unit?  Please review the license requirements prior to contacting TMT.  It is the owner's responsibility to keep all leases current. 

Still have questions?  Contact any Board member for clarification.